Does Fizz have any activation fee?

1- Does Fiz have any activation fee?
2- and I've taken a new line from Fido for less than a month. When is it better to change my line to Fizz? Now or before the end of the first month?


  • No activation fee. Just $5 one time sim card fee.
  • TheMMc
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    No they don't have fee for activation. You should make the switch just before you plan with Fido end.
  • Whizz
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    Hello, Mohammad!
    1. We don't have any activation fees. You will, however, need to order a Fizz SIM card for your cell phone.
    2. The best time to port your number over would be before your Fido account payment cycle date. The only way to port-over would be for you to have an account in good standing with the 'other' mobile cell company, in order for Fizz to port the number. Please make sure you contact us soon!
    Fizz Team
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