Is there an Alert Ready system for Fizz?

Got the missing girl alert last night. I felt annoying because I'm going to sleep . When cancel alert ringed again, I searched online and felt very sorry for the ending. Sad sad.
This alert system works and sounds not available in fizz yet. It's annoying but useful.


  • I got the alert. I think it depends on the phone and rather the provider?
  • TheMMc
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    Those alerts is just relay by Fizz. It's geolacalisated base. It's made to advise a population of a danger or a missing person. Saddly you can't do anyting exept put your phone on do not disturb if you go it. But I'm not sur it will work ....
  • Whizz
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    Generally speaking, Amber alerts are generated by local law enforcement and we're required by law to transmit them once received. In other words, Amber alerts are relayed and we're the relay service. The reason for the alerts is always a serious one, unless there is a test, the likes that came out last year with the QC municipality. That type of test alert is announced ahead of time, the others (such as the one sent out yesterday) is relayed in real time by Law Enforcement Agencies. Your understanding in this matter is kindly appreciated.
    Team Fizz - Jiri
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    I never received any Amber alerts with any service providers.
  • M T. #338
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    Yes it does
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