List of ALL Fizz major PROBLEMS and ETA REQUEST from Fizz?

R S.
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I'm creating a list of all major problems we are experiencing and request that Fizz address these ASAP and give us a ETA for fixing these issues. PLEASE LOVE THIS QUESTION TO SHOW FIZZ ITS IMPORTANCE!
* SMS 2-factor authentication
* Premium messaging like twitter etc
* Outgoing calls dropping after 2:56 minutes on FIZZ EXT
Feel free to add more in the comments!
We deserve to be in the loop and be updated!


  • Cristinel R.
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    Voicemail not taking messages on the EXT network if the phone is not answered. It says "Welcome to YOUR Fizz voicemail" and then "you're calling from an unknown number" and ask for a phone number..
  • Lindsay W. #1119
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    I've been without service since December 17th. Each day I get the same auto response, "we're so sorry
    you're unhappy, I've made a special note on your ticket for our specialized team"
    I got an email saying they'd even extend my beta plan price except that have failed to find any solution to restore my service. I've updated payment method 4 times. Reset my phone. Still they do nothing.
  • RobertTS
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    The fact itself that the service status ( continue to say only that "Our services are all fully functional".
  • Catherine E
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  • RobertTS
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    That's cute! ;) Instead of solved issues, we get "promotions" now.
    I just passed from Apprentice 3/5 straight to Geek 1/5.
    Wooow !!! Fizz, you made my day!
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