Intermittent text message issues?

The last two days I have missed at least 4 text messages that I know of. I saw the person's phone (two diff people) and they were definitely sent however I never received them. I have not had any issues thus far transmitting it seems.
Is this an ongoing network issue? Is it being looked into?


  • Attaching APN settings for reference.
  • APN Settings look right. It is likely an issue with their service. I am also having call failure issues.
  • I had no problems with texting for about a month after the big December outages, but this week I have also had several texts sent to me failing to get through. All my texts out have worked, though.
  • Having the same problems as well, I'll get some texts but not all of them. But all my outgoing texts are sent and received.
  • #metoo, it looks we have another general SMS outage :(
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    Working for me,
  • I hvae this issue on both of my plans now, for about one week at least.
    Not receiving sms, not able to send sms (Error delivering sms in sms app)
    MMS not working also.
  • I've had the same issue at intermittent times myself. In fact, it was fine for a little while but just recently for the past week or so I've gotten the same problems. Text messages are sent and received successfully but I receive partly some text messages. Just last night I received the missing texts from 3 days ago all at around 2 am.
  • I've also received some outstanding messages from yesterday this morning around 1-3am
  • And yes, I forgot, yesterday I received a message from two days ago too.
  • No missed texts that I know of today and I sent quite a few.
    Does fizz maintain a page with network service status? And track reported issues? Would be nice to have a centralized page to list known network issues rather than scanning the forums for other users having issues.
  • Yes, there is
    But it became just a sick joke, despite many suggestions, including mine for a list of the issues and their status, it's always only saying that everything is fully functional.
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    Hello John Tournas ,
    I am sorry for your inconvenience.This is known issue for us and we are doing everything it's possible to fix it.If you want to track this situation please check this FAQ : .
    Have a nice day!
    Marius Daniel
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    Hello John Tournas,
    Regarding your situation, I invite you to follow this link: "" and you can also recheck for future updates.
    Have a lovely day!
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