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The third videotron technician came to my place yesterday. he connected with a videotron modem and worked well. But I did not work with FIZZ Yet.
and I do not why guys charged me for installation fees, although I did not have internet yet !!!!!!
Really I do not know that the installation fees isn't included in the service!!!


  • You should contact Fizz. My profile ---> Contact us. As far as I know, onsite install is never free. Only self install is free.
  • I hope at least installation procedure is easy
  • Perhaps charging for non-existant VIP Installations is a way of contributing to Fizz's cash-flow.
    I indicated on the Home Internet Installation Request NOT to have VIP Installation.
    The installer came over, tested the Hitron Coda 4680 modem/router and I said "great, I'll do the rest."
    He said, "No problem, I can do this"
    He transferred the usb from my Network Attached Storage System from my old router to the new router - ie., he unplugged it and replugged it. He also plugged my old router into the new Hitron & told me to download the Fizz App.
    Surprise, surprise I was charged $30 for VIP Installation. A week later and Fizz has still not removed the charge. Not impressed.
    At least I don't have a charge for $33,739,830.00 like somebody else did for roaming.
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    Quick update from me too : the Videotron technician did plug in the modem for me even though I didn't select the VIP activation. All I had to do was change the wifi password myself. However I didn't get charged for that. The service is in beta so it's normal that there are some bugs for some people. I'm sure if you explain the situation to customer service they will help you with that. And Timothy, Fizz is prepaid so noone got charged roaming fees like that. You can only be charged up to whatever amount you added to your wallet, which is 0$ by default.
  • Thanks for the excellent info D.B.; I had no idea that Fizz was in Beta phase. No idea.
    I did contact customer support about the extraneous VIP Installation charge over a 1 week ago but they have not responded nor removed the charge from my credit card - no wallet invoved.
    As per the no roaming fees & wallet.... how did Mobile get involved in this Home Internet discussion?
    We all know that Fizz is still in Beta. Anybody that was invited to try the Fizz Home Internet was an early subscriber to the Fizz Mobile Beta. There have been many issues with the Beta, however charging for a service that was never asked for, never delivered and then not reversed is not excused by the fact that they are in Beta.
    A Videotron technician delivered the modem. The Home Internet Network is Videotron. The Mobile Network is Videotron just rebranded as Fizz. Are they understaffed? I'm sure they are. Are they slow to respond to issues because they are understaffed? Of course. Are they slow to resolved problems because nobody can actually call them and one has to use Forms to contact them because the Support Chat Bubble is almost never visible. Of course.
  • I need to talk to customer services
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    Hi Abdusami,
    More details on how to contact us here: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us
    Have a great day!
  • when I asked for internet VIP instal they said it was a fee of 20$ but FIZZ took 75$ from my credit card. The Videotron Technician came and did not do anything. He was telling us story about Haiti, his home land. I ended up installing it myself even if he came. I had no problem with paying 20 fee for instal, but 75 seems too much for someone who did nothing. Modem they said was free always. I made a complaint form through my profile and contacted them through Facebook to see what they say
  • I did installation myself it was so easy not worth it to pay any fee
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