Any 2FA SMS work now?

It seems some people have 2FA working.


I just tried google, twitter and amazon. None work on my side.


Amazon kinda works but it takes forever because the server waits a while before retrying with a long source number.


I wouldn't say this is working.


  • I still have not received any message from any short code, that includes the banks. I have seen people say that they had some success with TD, but I haven't.
  • 2FA that work for me: Google and Uber 100%
  • Scotiabank alerts are still NOT working.
  • TD and Scotiabank does NOT work... so no, not all banks work.
  • TrainFood
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    Not for me from steam
  • DinoS
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    It’s hit and miss. Uber works
  • Not working for ebay, microsoft.
  • Dayan
    Dayan Posts: 5
    For TD bank it doesn't work. I don't receive any text message even after multiple tries
  • just had eBay send me at 2fa this morning. it worked for me but took a few minutes for it to arrive.
  • DrJ
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    Does not work for me for TD Bank
  • TD bank has been working fine for a month or so now.
  • Irene
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    I received SMS from hotmail
  • I've used 2FA with few companies lately (eg. GoDaddy, Hotmail, Ebay, gmail) they all worked fine, however text message with code was sent from a regular (long form) number. At the same time, I have alerts setup with my bank, which usually come from short numbers and they still don't work. I guess if 2FA uses long numbers they should work, but if short numbers then you run into a problem.