cannot hear any incoming calls

I just activated my SIM card and transferred my phone number from previous provider Koodo. At beginning Fizz left a notice saying they had a technical problem and failed to transfer my number. Two hours later, they email me and said they failed again in transfering my number. However, I found my phone start to show the signal of Fizz. I can call out but for incoming calls it goes directly into my voicemail and can hear the voice message I set in my Koodo account. Feel sad for the poor customer service and communication from Fizz.


  • 2018-12-28 8:22pm update
    Just put some updated information here. Today about 4 pm I wrote a contact form to Fizz team, in which I highlight ed my account number in former phone service provider and the IMEI number. Around 7 pm I received an email from Fizz saying they can not transfer my phone number and ask me my account number and IMEI. I replied this email and re-provide my information. At 7:35 PM, an email from Fizz said, the email I replied is a non-reply email. I know Fizz is a new established company, but never know its customer service is so poor. Anyone who knows how to cancel an plan from Fizz, please help me. Fizz make me so frustrated.
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    I can confirm that your plan is now activated with us.
    If you want to deactivate your plan, please follow this FAQ :
    Have a good day.
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