How long can I keep saved voicemail messages?

Does anybody know how long I can keep my saved voicemail messages with Fizz?
I know that with Rogers they were only kept for 3 days.


  • ReneD
    ReneD Posts: 1,810
    @Emre Y.
    If it's kept for ever, I suspect callers will get the message , "the voice mail is full try again later" at one point.
    There has to be a warning somehow...
    Need more investigation...
    Cheers :))
  • Can anyone that have a saved msg more than 3days confirm that it will be saved at least for 3days? My old provider Cityfone will say msg will be saved for 5days. Fizz doesn't say how long it will keep.
  • I had a message in my voicemail that was 12 days old. Still there. I love it! No more 3 days at Fido.
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