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I just installed the modem and activated it as per instructions. The download and upload light keep blinking and I get no internet.

The 5g and 2.4g lights are somewhat flickering so it means some data is being transmitted. The @ light is on so the modem is operational.

I rebooted the modem twice and still no resolution.

I tried reaching out to customer support but I’m getting no answer. I really need help :(


  • Whizz
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    Hello Safari514,
    We are sorry to hear about the situation encountered with your modem installation. 
    After making the necessary verifications in our tools, we noticed that the modem appears as offline. 
    Please try to answer to the last email received from the customer service in order for them to assist you in this regard. 
    For the moment there is a high number of contacts therefore this is why the replies are not coming as fast as expected.
    You can also keep the conversation ongoing on the Live Chat as there was no answer from your side. 
    To do that, you can reopen the same thread  or access it from here: 
    Your understanding is highly appreciated. 
    Have a great day. 
    -Lavinia, Community Moderator  

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