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I changed my mobile plan couple days ago, I received the confirmation and appeared that it will be effective in my next billing period.
However, the billing day arrived, I was charged but I dont have acces no any service.
I spent all day waiting for costumer service to answer me.


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    Customer service is swamped with requests, if it's urgent you can submit a complaint and they respond within 48 hours.

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    Hi @Diegogf123

    If the change of service you made is in relation to changing from a provincial plan to a Canada or Canada/USA plan, make sure the roaming option on your phone is turned on.

    Can you provide more details on what service is not available?

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    Hello Diegogf123 
    Thank you for your post. 

    I kindly wish to inform you that due to the fact the Fizz is a prepaid service, the payment is taken with 72 hours in advance of payment cycle ending therefore, even if you were charged for the following one, this will start on July 11th. 
    After that date, your new plan will become effective therefore you will have access to all your services. 

    Here are more details regarding the subject: 
    Until then, for mobile data, you can ask here, on the community,  as there are a lot of generous users. 
    Your understanding is highly appreciated. 
    Have a great day. 
    -Lavinia, Community Moderator  

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