Can't activate the plan of my friend

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I help my friend to activate his plan, he just bought a sim card and created a new phone plan, but on the page payment, add a credit card, the bank needs verification code, he entered wrong. Then fizz page stuck there, please help~~


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    Hi @jiyingss

    If he didn't paid, the account is not created after 2 hours you can retry or you can contact the support

    However, if you try after 2 hours, be sure that you can insert the referral code

  • jiyingss
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    Thanks, I try to contact the support, but no answer, I will wait 2 hours to retry it thanks 🙏 👍

  • Whizz
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    Hello jiyingss 

    Please try again from an incognito window or another device/browser if possible.

    If the issue still persists, please contact us directly and we will gladly assist you further:

    More details regarding activation can be seen here

    Thanks for your kind understanding and cooperation!

    Have a good rest,

    -Ingrid, Community Moderator 

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