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Hi, I am going to Portugal mainly and 4 days in Barcelona - total 3 weeks. what is the best e sim card option that is compatible with Fizz ? Thanks.

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    Hi @andreannea

    Sorry, but I don't get the "what is the best e sim card option that is compatible with Fizz", what do you mean?

    If you want a SIM local provider in Europe are your best option, you can have sim for around 10 euro which will give you the options to call locally and oversea. Sorry I cannot name them here, but check the SIM in Spain.


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    There is no S compatible with Fizz. Buy a local SIM when you get there.

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    Hello andreannea 

    You have the option to buy an Add on for either Portugal/Spain or both in order to use texts and data there, or you can top up your wallet and use it as pay as you go(My plans -> Manage my plan -> Wallet). Access this link, then add the specific country and you'll be able to see the cost per text/MB :

    More details regarding the wallet can be found here

    Also, as elena code xzi4t  already stated, you can also get a local Sim when you reach your destination.

    Feel free to contact us directly if you need more information.

    Have a good rest and a safe trip!

    -Ingrid, Community Moderator 

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