Anyone else having internet connection issues in the last few days?

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As soon as I leave my home wifi (not fizz), my phone does not connect to the internet, even though I have plenty of data left on my plan. I can't borrow a bixi bike while I'm out! Help!


  • elena code xzi4t
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    hi @unikittymerdragon

    Did you try to reboot the phone? What phone are you using?
    I didn’t remark this problem

  • BeakBird
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    Are you able to see what mobile network your phone connects to when outside your house ?

  • kaitokun
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    I'm not encountering any issues. Like the others said, maybe reset your phone? Or check which mobile networks are available.

  • Whizz
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    Hello unikittymerdragon 

    Could you please try to switch your phone to airplane mode for a couple seconds then switch it back to normal and test out the service again?

    Also, please try restarting your phone and reinserting your Sim.

    If the issue still persists, please contact us directly via this link

    Thanks for your kind understanding!

    Have a good rest,

    -Ingrid, Community Moderator 

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