Trying to reactivate a modem after a year of deactivation and keeping the modem, moving request fail

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Trying to reactivate a modem after a year of deactivation and keeping the modem, but the moving request doesn't work.

I sign in>Internet>Moving>Move my plan> Blank white page.

Another method,
Choosing a new plan> Verifying new address> Choosing self-installation> Choose a date for modem to be delivered, but I still have my old modem...So what do I do?

Should I just plug it in and hope it activates at the old speed then contact support?

Please help me take the right steps.
Thank you,

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    You are still subscribed to internet after a year of not using the modem?

  • Whizz
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    Hello MomoJaja 

    Following my verification, a new internet subscription was made on the 9th of June. You will indeed receive another modem that will be associated with your plan, so you will have to return the old one and you will also be refunded the $258.69 that was deducted from your payment method.

    To return your modem, you will have to bring it and its power cable to any Canada Post for a free return. Also bring the return ID which can be seen if you access your Fizz account -> My plans -> Manage my plan -> Return my Wi-Fi modem.

    More details can be seen here

    If you need more details please contact us directly and we will gladly assist you

    As for the best answer, I assigned it to elena code xzi4t  as she gave the closest answer to your concern.

    Thanks for your kind understanding!

    Have a good rest,

    -Ingrid, Community Moderator

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