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I just saw fizz now offering the 940 plan, so I went for it. Now I just read the fine print, did I really miss my chance on this free month offer by not adding this perk before ordering internet? I created this account a while back because I almost switched but they didn't have the 940 Mbps at the time. I guess I got click baited.

Anyway, just a warning to new people getting internet that wants the first month free, make sure before adding internet to your account, that you click the perk under Benefizz>My rewards>My Perks.

Hopefully, Fizz will fix this and gift me 65$ on my account. ;)

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  • elena code xzi4t
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    Hi @Chris_XTGOK

    Yes in theory you need to activate the perk before the creation of the plan, try to talk with the support you never knows probably they can give it to you


  • Mark123_2024
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    This should be possible. Contact the support team and explain your situation.

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    i wish that they would also offer it to their existing internet members

  • Chris_XTGOK
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    @elena code xzi4t you're right, I needed to activate the perk. Here's some more clarification from support :

    "To be eligible you should have an active mobile plan on your account and make the broadband subscription.
    Your first active plan was the broadband subscription therefore the perk is not available to apply."

    "The perk is applied under two conditions. One if you have a mobile plan activated before and the second condition if you make an account during 23 May - 9 July , I have checked and this account is created in March 2023. The system does not recognize you as a new member."

    So, 1.I wasn't a "new member" 2. I didn't have an active mobile plan

    The fine print got me good. If you go to the front page it states "Switching to Fizz is a piece of cake1:
    Your 1st month of Internet is on us.*"

    I got too excited to switch. :smiley:
  • AlexJS
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    Ah, the offers always have some conditions on them.

  • Doomdrou
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    Perks are not usually given to already subscribed customers. I suggest you contact customer service to find the most suitable solution…

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    Unfortunately.…maybe. Speak to support and see if they can help

  • Whizz
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    Hello Chris_XTGOK 

    The reason why the perk wasn't added to your account is due to the fact that the offer is for customers who create their account and activate a broadband plan between 23rd of May and 9th of July. 

    More details regarding our rewards can be found here

    Feel free to contact us directly if you have other questions

    Have a good rest!

    -Ingrid, Community Moderator 

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