How intro pricing works ?

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So, I see that the intro pricing states they will never charge more overtime. My question is if I start at an intro price of 29/ month for 40gb data, Canada service only. Intro price for Canada and US is 33/month.

If I was to then plan a trip to the US and add us service later rather then right from the start, or if I was to ever drop my data from 40gb to 30gb. Essentially if I ever make a change to my bill month to month will I lose out on the intro pricing?


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    Hi @briannucc

    If you modify your plan the price will be the actual, changing the data option or the coverage for example.

    If you buy addons this will not affect your plan

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    When you change your plan it will be based on what is available publicly at that time. Once you change your plan then you will have a new plan, and if you wanted to change it again it would be based on what is available publicly.

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    My advice for you is to try to keep your intro price and travel with add one. You can change it only if there is a better offer.

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    Hello everyone,

    As other members suggested, changing your plan later on will also update its price. Here is an FAQ with the plan change policy if you would like to take a look at it .

    Have a good one!
    -Sergiu, Community Moderator

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