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Just ordered a Fizz SIM and was wondering how do I lock in the plan I want for the price. Currently I see that there is an INTRO Price promotion. I only bought the SIM card because of this specific plan attached. Will Fizz honour the plan I want if the promotion expires before I get my SIM?


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    Sorry @pdang

    You cannot, only at the SIM activation you will lock the price.

    Do you know about the referral code program, to get 25$ credit at your second payment, you need to use a referral code at the activation of the first plan, if you don't have one you can pick mine is after code in my name or pick one from here

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    Probably not. Unfortunately you have to select the plan before your price is locked in. And you can't pick one without an activated sim card.

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    The offers are available only for a period of time. If they change the offer between time, you can get one of the plans in that day. A lot of people are looking from last month now.

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    Hello @pdang,
    Thank you for your interest in your services.
    I have verified your Fizz account and I noticed you have contacted us privately to discus this.
    You will be notified by us via email once we will have an response.
    Best wishes,
    -Mihai, Community Moderator

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