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The credit card on my Fizz account recently expired and I got a new one with the same number, same address, just with a different CVV code and expiration date. When I try to enter it as a new card on my account it fails and says, "The proposed address doesn’t perfectly match to the one associated to your credit card." I don't know what to do, the address did not change. It lists the existing address as an option I can just click, but it fails when I do that or re-type the address on the account. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks

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    Make sure you're entering your name and address exactly as it appears on your statement. If that doesn't work, try clearing you're browsing history and cached. If that doesn't work again, try a different browser. I had issues with it too initially but eventually it worked.


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    hi @artmart

    Double check the address associated with the credit card

    Try to use the browser in private mode, sometimes this helps with problems

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    Check with your bank if you activated properly the new credit card. Try to do another transaction with it.

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    Make sure that you are entering the expiration date in the proper format for the form — the message about the address is a generic message, and can occur if there are issues with the expiration date and CVV like they do not match the card.

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    I’m having a very similar problem when I get to the page to add a payment method. Mostly looking to see if anyone reading this thread has received the “address doesn’t perfectly match” error along with a “card has expired” error. If not, this post is probably too long to bother reading.

    Even though I was able to be billed on my card before, I get the same “address doesn’t perfectly match” message the moment that I get to the page to add a new payment method, even before I enter the card information.

    When I enter the new card information (with the same billing address, which DOES perfectly match what is saved), the payment method is rejected as having expired (red banner at the top of the page appears displaying the error), even though it doesn’t expire for several years. The same “address doesn’t perfectly match” message is still on the screen the whole time.

    It then adds a section to reënter the billing address. When I do, it won’t let me click “Save”.

    I tried this last week, and eventually my bank locked the card after several attempts, and the “card has expired” turns into a “transaction was declined” error.

    I contacted my bank, had them unlock the card, made a successful online purchase with it elsewhere, and then tried to change the credit card information again this morning. Same problem.

    I contacted support, and they had me try clearing cookies and cache and try again. Same message. They suggested another browser and in private browsing, so I tried again on another computer with a different OS using a different browser in a private browser window, but had the same problem.

    They asked for a screenshot of the error, so I went to try again, but too many failed attempts resulted in my bank locking the card again.

    While I’m waiting to speak to my bank to unlock the card, I asked support if they could delete the billing address so that I can avoid the “address doesn’t perfectly match” error, but they said that they’re not authorised to do that, and that they can’t move forward without a screenshot.

    Has anyone else received the “address doesn’t perfectly match” error along with the “card has expired” error?
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    Hello @artmart

    Could you please try again from incognito window or another browser/device if possible? More details regarding updating a payment method can be found here

    If the issue still persists, please contact us directly by accessing this link

    Have a good rest!

    -Ingrid, Community Moderator

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    As for the best answer, I assigned it to @kaitokun as he gave the closest answer to the user's issue.

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