trying to see information about my sim card delivery but there is no follow shipment link

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its just empty


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    Hi @benisom

    This is strange, can you check on the transaction history

    You can always contact the support, , and click on the green bubble on the bottom right of the page in order to chat with them to find the right solution for you.

    View transactions to pay for your plan -- i.e. monthly payments, Add-Ons

    See your Transaction history

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    You should receive it in about 10 days... If you don't get anything by that time contact customer support

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    Hello @benisom,
    After verifying your account I noticed you ordered the sim card 3 days ago.
    Please keep in mid that the delivery can take up to 5 working days.
    As for your question regarding how you can follow your shipment, as of right now there is no tracking number where you can follow the package.
    The sim card is being delivered by Canada Post in maximum 5 working days since you have made your order.
    More information regarding that can be found in this FAQ
    I hope you have a great rest of your day.
    -Mihai, Community Moderator

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