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Hi. It seems like i have a common issue. My modem is all set up but my online light is not blinking rather lit wich mean the connection is not established with the fizz network. The coaxial cable is new out of the box. Yes my plan is activated because i can see my cycle payment. Do i need a technician.


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    If you are located in the part of Quebec that got a huge snowstorm, it looks like external cables were affected by the weather conditions. Sit tight and hopefully the infrastructure will get patched up quickly.

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    Hello Jong, 

    I a sorry to hear about the situation encountered with your internet services.
    After making the necessary verifications into my tools, I noticed that your plan is active and signals optimal.
    Due to the fact that you are mentioning that there are issues with your connection, I kindly suggest you to verify the coaxial cable to be well screwed into the modem.
    Also, please restart the modem to allow it to reauthenticate to network.

    To restart the modem, you can unplug the power cable for minimum 30 seconds.
    After that, please plug the modem back on into the electrical outlet and expect about 3 minutes for the device to fully reconnect to the network.
    Here you can see exactly the process: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/my-internet-service-not-working-what-do-i-do 
    In case you are encountering any issues even after restart, you can contact the customer service agents using one of the available channels from this FAQ:  https://fizz.ca/en/suppor

    Have a great day.
    -Lavinia, Community Moderator 

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