No internet at H4M

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SInce 10:30AM, I do not have internet connection, try to talk with customer service by FIzz mobile app, but no response, what I can do now?


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    "Major outage reported"… 😶

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    This is definitely related to the weather conditions! You've got to wait unfortunately

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    And now, Lei ?

    For me it's OK now.

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    Hello Lei  ,

    We are sorry to hear about the situation encountered.
    After making the necessary verifications into our tools we have noticed that, due to the recent weather, there are some maintenances works being done in your area and this is why you are impacted.
    It seems like your modem is online right now however since the situation is ongoing you may still encounter issues.
    You can restart the modem if this happens.

    To restart the modem, you can unplug the power cable for minimum 30 seconds.
    After that, please plug the modem back on into the electrical outlet and expect about 3 minutes for the device to fully reconnect to the network.
    Here you can see exactly the process:
    Your understanding is highly appreciated.

    Have a wonderful day.
    -Lavinia, Community Moderator 

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