New customer of today. Why is internet so slow and cut.

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Why is my internet so slow and cuts


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    Hi @Jyc

    Did you activate your internet?

    1. Activate your modem (if applicable*)  *If an installation appointment with a technician was scheduled with your Home Internet order, this step does NOT apply to you. 
      • Log in to your Fizz account. 
      • You should see a tile with your order details in the Overview section. If not, go to My settings ­>­­ Order history.  
      • Activate your modem. It will then switch to the speed associated with your plan.  

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    With the snow storm, there are outages

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    This could be related to the weather conditions... If you want to be sure contact customer support to see if everything is fine with your setup

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    Hello Jyc  ,

    Please follow the suggestions provided in the other post, as I will close this one to keep the discussion in one thread not multiple ones.

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