Why is Fizz still sending texts with links in it? In 2024? With errors in it?

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I work in software and have a bit of security background. The fact that fizz just sent me a text with a link in it when I changed my plan is absolutely crazy to me and it feels very wrong on their part. There's even a mistake in the text:
Its first payment of $xx.xx is on April x, 2024.View your plan > https://fizz.ca/s/...

See how there's no space after the period "2024."? To me that screams SCAM but unfortunately that's the real text Fizz sent!

First of all, every single company needs to get rid of sending links in the texts/messages altogether. That's an old practice that just feeds the scams and fishing.

Then there's the fact that Fizz is literally a phone service provider. Imagine a 15 year old with little experience that buys a new plan at Fizz, the first thing they receive is a text with mistakes in it from Fizz, with a safe link. That just encourages this poor person that it's okay to click on links: it's their first experience ever on their cellphone!!

Fizz is in the best position to start right away with good practices to protect their users and they're going in the opposite direction.

Why not just say 'Connect to our website' without the link?


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