Anybody in Ottawa having trouble keeping/updating QC coverage?

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I've been on the QC plan based on my Ottawa address since I joined Fizz. I can see discussions as recently as Nov 23 talking about QC coverage working for Ottawa.

With recent reductions in QC prices, last month I went to change my plan and it popped up "This plan has changed price to $17, would you like to accept that" or something along those lines. I of course accepted it.

However when my next bill went through, it still changed me the old price. I opened a ticket, but after a bunch of back and forth so far all they seem to be able to say is "you can't get QC coverage" even though that is already what I have. There only suggestion has to been to try to change plan again, but when I do that I only get non QC options which are higher than I'm already paying for.

I'm still working with support on this, but wondered if anybody else who has QC coverage in Ottawa is having the same problem. I could understand policy change with the expansion of Ontario coverage but I would have expected some sort of notification, and also I would have expected the price reduction (not sure if it would be a plan change since the plan was to stay the same) that I had accepted online to have taken effect.


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    Hi @mhdawson

    I understand your frustration with the recent changes to your Fizz plan. It seems odd that there hasn't been clear communication or notification about any policy changes affecting your coverage. It's important for service providers like Fizz to keep their customers informed about any alterations that may impact their plans or billing.

    I hope you're able to find a resolution to this issue soon.

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    I hope your issue gets fixed soon… it could be very annoying having to deal with something like this

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    It was not fixed and they just closed my ticket with "working as expected".
  • mhdawson
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    They did not address my concerns and just closed the ticket with "working as expected"
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    I'm really disappointed in Fizz support. They simply closed my ticket after answering saying that yes I used to be able to chose Quebec coverage but that is no longer the case. They did not acknowledge that this means paying higher prices, nor address my complaint that I had accepted the pop-up to accept a lower price which did not take place.

    It's really frustrating that they don't seem to even acknowledge that they should have given people notice of this change and that it impacts what we might have to pay.

    I'm also frustrated that despite several requests to escalate in chat they provided no way to do that. Is there a way to escalate an issue that support has not properly addressed?

    This is they key part of what they said:

    Also, your plan was created before ROC and being on the edge of the border, you were able to select Quebec coverage.

    As we have now expended Fizz services, there are some other coverages that are specific and available and that you can select, such as :

    * your current address' region (Ontario)

    * Canada

    * Canada+USA
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    @Whizz please take a look.

    @mhdawson You can escalate it by going to

    Settings → Contact forms → Submit a complaint

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    I'm from Qc and I've had some problems getting the Canada coverage. Usually when the site is too buggy I close it all, come back to it later and everything works well again.
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    @Andrei_ref_R7VK1 thanks for the suggestion.

    I submitted a complaint through that form. The answer I got today was "As my colleague told you, before Fizz escaped to the rest of Canada, you could have selected Quebec coverage. Now that we are all over the place, the best option for you would be to choose Canada or Canada plus USA coverage."

    So I think the answer is that Fizz has changed the policy, did not feel advance notice was needed and are not concerned that I feel this has/had a negative impact on me.
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    Hello @mhdawson ,

    I am sorry for the situation encountered with our services.
    Please access your emails as I have just sent you a message there to discuss further this matter.
    Your understanding is highly appreciated.
    Have a great day.

    -Lavinia, Community Moderator

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