My internet has not been working for 2 days.

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I have restarted the modem, unplugged the modem and restarted my computer. I would like this fixed.


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    Hi @Jaybeau333

    Did you try to reset the modem? You have a little button at the back, press for 5 seconds and your modem will reset.

    If it’s not working, you have no choice to contact customer support

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    I would contact customer support for this

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    Could be your cable outside as well. Chat with support, they will be able to check your connection to see if the problem is inside the home (modem/router) or outside the home (loose/broken cable)

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    Hello Jaybeau333  , 

    Sorry to hear about the issue.

    I verified your modem`s signals and it appears that the modem is online on our side ( it shows that you rebooted the modem yesterday but that`s about it ).

    If you still have issues, I invite you to unplug the modem for 10 minutes at least ( it might have electrically overloaded ) so keeping it unplugged for a bit might help address the issue.

    Plug it back in and check if you have a working connection, especially via Ethernet cable.

    If you don`t , I suggest that y pressing the small button on the back of the modem ( in the small orifice ), using a sharp object for about 20 seconds until the modem reboots itself.
    You will then need to connect to the default network using the default password on the white label.

    Wait a few minutes after the factory reset and check again if you have a working connection as more details can be found here :

    Check if the Easy connect interface pops-up after the factory reset and if does not try to log to the modem`s interface via from any browser.
    using these :
    • Username: cusadmin
    • Password: the password written on the white label on the back

    Test your connection after a few minutes ( after the changes are saved it might take 3-4 minutes again to have a working connection ).

    Reach our customer service on Live chat : if you still have issues.

    Have a good one,
    -Raul, Community Moderator

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