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I want to move my internet service from its own account to the same account as my mobile. If I cancel the current internet account and open a new internet account in my mobile account, can I simply keep the same modem?


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    That would be a question to ask the costumer service.

    • Connect to your fizz account and click on the green bubble located at the bottom right of the screen.
    • Make sure that you either transfer your phone or internet to the plan that has the most points just so that you don’t loose them. Perhaps, fizz might even be able to transfer all these points!
    • Good luck and please let us know the outcome of it
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    Hi @Mark P. #41035 ,

    I don’t think this is possible…

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    His best thing to do would be to ask costumer service.

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    @Mark P. #41035 , In order to help peopled reading this thread in the future, don’t forget to choose the best answer 🫡

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    Hi @Mark P. #41035

    No you need to unsubscribe return the modem and make a new subscription

    When you unsubscribe you can pick a date therefore you can make only couples of days of overlapping

    don’t forget to use the referral code of the first account to the second to get 25$ on each account

    fizz doesn’t allow moving plan between accounts

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    I honestly wouldn't bother doing this... the hassle of returning the equipment and waiting for it to be delivered again doesn't make any sense... I would stick with having two different accounts

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    Hi @Mark P. #41035

    You will be able to do this but you will have to contact customer service first.

    They will probably cancel the costs for the return of the modem and record in the files that you already have a modem for your account with mobile.

    But first of all, contact customer service by going to this link

    Glad to have helped you have a nice day

  • Whizz
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    Hello Mark P. #41035  ,

    I`m afraid that this is not possible ( to unsubscribe and keep the modem ) as this could cause certain issues with the accounts ( having details overlap) and our system was not made for such a process to work in the first place also.

    Be sure that you return the modem if you do want to go with the cancellation , as more details can be found here also :

    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a good one,
    -Raul, Community Moderator

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