To fizz: Is forbidden to have all family accounts to fizz? We will share same external IP

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I receive from Fizz an warning that I gambled with Fizz having more than one account here. No, I have only one, but also my husband and 2 of my 3 children, all having Fizz accounts.

Of course, all of use use same external IP being in the same home, using same router and same or different PCs. So why warning?

I didn't know is forbidden to get out on internet all of us by the same router (so same external IP), but if you (Fizz) insist and forbid us to use hi-speed internet, 3 of us can switch to another provider.

So Fizz, where is the problem?

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  • Whizz
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    Hello @Daniela P. #33065 ,

    As we mentioned in private, we did not warn you about having multiple accounts on the community hub or sharing the same IP with other accounts. We warned you about gaming with other accounts, as you were, and still are commenting on each other posts on the forum. This way, you get points for both accounts, and this is considered gaming. I would suggest stopping this behavior and instead focusing on replying to threads from other community members, not threads posted by your family members.

    Having a big family is a beautiful thing, and we are glad that you all share a hobby which is the community hub, however, we have to be fair with all the members who are getting points the normal way.

    We will not hesitate to take measures if we find such posts again.

    Have a good one!

    -Sergiu, Community Hub.

  • Daniela P. #33065
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    My only inrmation received from you was that you found 4 accounts using same IP, and that is forbidden.. What you say now is a different story. Anyway, the problem was discussed in family, but not the results. Each member try to find the answer by studiing the forum, search web, or asking you. When the answer was found, it was posted as an answer to question. I can't see the difference between putting the question in the family or putting the question on forum. That eventually members could know the question with some time before the other members of the forum? That is possible, for the time of writting the question, however, I can't find this a problem or an handicap for others to answer to the question.

    Anyway, I accept your answer.


  • PALevesque
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    This is a community. I think it your best option is to contact costumer support, they will provide you all the answers you are looking for

  • Pascal
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    Hi @Daniela P. #33065

    I imagine that this warning applied to the forum and not to your family internet consumption! This is because they are afraid that you will play with several accounts to benefit you on the points of the forum! I know it's ridiculous! As if you and your family members counted for one person!

    Best regards

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    Reading @Whizz reply, it looks like a family member was asking a question, another family member was replying and the best answer was awarded to her/him by the first family member. In this case, of course, it is not fair even if the answer is correct.

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    You have been warned about the use of the farm points more quickly by answering to your own account questions is not allowed

  • Gramart
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    I don't think it's forbidden. However, you cannot exploit the situation to earn more point

  • propea
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    Maybe you should contact Fizz Support to clarify this.

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