Fizz close my tread, before having a proper answer to my Q. Again: Can I use my DATA Fizz in Cuba?

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Question was if I can use data (my data) in Cuba. Answer was "yes if you buy an "add on"". Is it correct?

By definition, add-on is just an add to my existent data, so if I have no data, I can buy an add-on to supplement till next cycle, and it will enter immediately, instead of waiting till end of cycle. I read all and not find any difference btw add-on data and normal cycle data. Still only answer was to BUY add-on.

But I will have enough cycle data (probably 30 or 40Gb). Nobody answer what if "I have data available from my package".. all answers said more or less that I will need an add-on.

So , in other words CAN'T I USE MY DATA in Cuba? I need an ADD ON, different of my 20Gb data monthly?

I usually use a lot of VOIP applications: Whatapp, Facebook messenger to communicate with similar applications on destinations, also I use TextNow and 3CX for text and calls to normal numbers (landline or mobile line) destinations. My landline is routed with a 3CX server to my 3CX mobile app. I pay voice at Fizz, just by comodity, to be called to my own old mobile number, or receive SMS (can't receive on 3CX because it's a landline forwarded to 3cx mobile app).

Q1. So, I know how to use all of these apps. Question is if I can use my 20Gb data in Cuba for any of VOIP app described here, or I need anyway to buy an add-on?

Q2. Anybody knows if mobile network in Cuba is working acceptable (stable), being in a resort 4 or 5 stars or is better to use the WIFI (heard that Wifi there anywhere is not very stable, even on 5 stars resorts), eventually using a VPN?

Thank you

PS Fizz, please don't close this thread if there is no correct answer.


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