Since there is no customer service how do I update my email?

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How do I get help with my account information update? In particular, my email address? It's such a simple request. It has been compromised and I don't want to use it anymore as I may lose access to my account anytime. Any other provider allows updating email address online. Fizz is self-serve yet there is absolutely no way to do it. The a****les on the chat kept me online for over 2 hours, didn't read my questions at all, just randomly repeated some learned words out of context, like parrots. So I had to repeat the same questions 10 times. Finally received 0 help, no information updated. Asked me to send pictures of different documents, photo of my credit card, finally said that all my documents are invalid and they won't update anything. When I reminded that I have already wasted a lot of time, the guy on the chat told me to relax. Is there a physical office in Montreal where I can get help? This service is just a joke. Before I switch providers I will attempt to update my email once more.

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    Hello Eliii 

    Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry for the experience you had so far, however, I can assure you that we are here to help you. The email change is a delicate process, as it can take your right to access the account if done by anyone else, as you mentioned, hence why it is only done by customer service representatives.

    Scanned documents cannot be used for this process as they are easier to modify and tamper with. We need a form of ID like a driver's license, an insurance card or a passport, and a photo of the payment method used on file.

    Without a form of ID and the payment method used on file, we cannot proceed with this manipulation, as we cannot confirm that you are indeed the owner of the Fizz account. If you provide a document like a passport, you also need proof of address, in the form of a recent bill, where your name and address are displayed. All these security steps are in place only for your security and the integrity of your Fizz account.

    Feel free to reach out to us in private for more information.

    Have a good one!

    -Sergiu, Community Moderator.


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    Hi @Eliii

    Probably a @Whizz can help you or try tomorrow morning to chat again

    they have an office in Montreal but is not open to the public


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    Hi @Eliii

    Fizz does not offer the email service. Only Fizz employees have emails

    No subscriber can have a email

  • Eliii
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    I am not an employee, I just needed to update my personal email address associated with my account. It turns out it's an impossible task for some reason.

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    Is not impossible, is impossible to do yourself.

    But from what you are describing you are not able to get in contact with the support

    The email address associated with your Fizz account is where you receive communications from Fizz, including administrative emails. It is therefore imperative to keep this address up to date in your account.


    To change your email address, contact us using the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner of this FAQ. Once your identity is confirmed, the rep will make the change for you.


    An email will then be sent to your new address to confirm the change. You’ll have 24 hours to take action. After that, the link won’t work, and you’ll have to contact us again. If you do end up doing this a few times, use the link in the most recent email. The other, previous links won’t work.  


    Once the change is completed, your new address will be the one to use to access your Fizz account. Your Fizz communications will also be sent to this new email address.

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