No home internet for a week and still waiting for the technician to reschedule.

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This all started 6 days ago when an orange ring appeared on the big button on the fizz modem. It wouldn't emit any wifi network anymore. I tried unplugging the power cord for 10 minutes and replugging it, same problem. I tried holding down the factory reset button at the back of the modem for more than 30 seconds, still the same orange ring and no wifi.

Through the fizz customer service chat, they acknowledged that they weren't receiving any signal from my modem and scheduled a technician to come over yesterday. The technician didn't show up nor did I get any explanation why. Not only did I have to move my work schedule around to be there at the scheduled time, now I have to do it again without even knowing if the technician will show up. Customer service only told me that I would be:

"put in the request for the technician's appointment to be rescheduled, you should receive an email with the new date and time-frame for the technician's arrival as soon as possible"

I'm still waiting in the dark for the technician's reply with no visibility of when the problem will be resolved, let alone when I'll be contacted again.

Any feedback would be nice on how I could accelerate the problem's resolution.


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    To do a follow up only the support can help, sorry

    Probably the weather damage your cable contact the support

    To chat: Click the above link and scroll down, there should be a chat bubble near the bottom right side.

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    Contact Fizz by chat:

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    Hello @GreenLin,

    I have verified your account and I can see that our dedicated team placed another technician appointment for you for 29/02/2024.

    You informed us on chat that the situation was resolved on this date and that the technician solved the situation by replacing your modem.

    If you have any other issues, please contact us privately. Please use the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner of the Solution Hub pages. If you have trouble finding it, click on the following link (with an incognito window ctrl+shift+n), and the chat bubble will appear within 15-20 seconds:

    I hope you have a pleasant day!

    -Mihai, Community Moderator

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