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So my mobile plan change, that I submitted for, was canceled by the system yesterday (one day before it was suppose to take effect). The reason Fizz gave when I chatted with them? Canceled by system in "error". Raised a ticket. Response by technical team: sorry, nothing they can do. Please submit a new change next month.

So what do I find out today? There are price changes to the plans in effect Feb 29. The plan change that I submitted for was 4gb, unlimited minutes/texts, no VM, Canada coverage was $23. Now it is $27. So Fizz mysteriously cancels my plan change and blames system error? Really?

I tried to contact support to escalate my ticket yesterday, but each time I got shut down. No options/ solutions other than to wait until next month to resubmit and pay more. That's a scam move Fizz


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    Hi @Soma

    this is bad, @Whizz I believe that you need to help here, if the system cancelled without reason the plan change, you should give him the plan change with the price shown.

    I believe that this is bylaw

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    Prices are different today. Sorry for you...

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    Do you have any email confirmation about the change with the date of the request? If yes, I think that you can get your plan fixed going through customer service

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    Hi @Soma

    I understand that your situation may be frustrating. You requested a rate and it was displayed, and must be respected, even if it was due to a cancellation due to a system bug. When you requested, the price was displayed at a lower price, so Fizz must respect the price announced the same day. There are laws in Canada for the price display policy.

    Don't give up, hoping that the situation is resolved, give us some news.

    Have a great day

    Take care of yourself :)


    cc: @Whizz , You must apply the announced price of the plan on the date the subscriber wishes to subscribe.

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    Hello @Soma,

    Thank you for describing your situation to us.

    I have verified the details of your account and I provided you with a private message.

    I hope you have a pleasant day!

    -Mihai, Community Moderator

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    Sorry to hear that....That's right, the prices are different on March 2, 2024. I activated my plan (4GB, unlimited minutes/texts, VoiceMail, Canada coverage) on Feb 27 for $24. A different story for my wife, she activated her plan (1GB, unlimited minutes/texts, VoiceMail, Canada coverage) on Mar 2 for $25.
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