Sending SMS with Samsung Galaxy S24

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does anyone have a Samsung Galaxy S24 and is able to send SMS or am I the only one?

I got a ticket opened for 2 weeks now and they cannot fix my issue about not being able to send sms. (SMS does work out of the box with Rogers and Virgin SIM).



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    Hi @Oli_

    You should check the configuration on the SMSC

    You can try this to set the SMSC of Videotron (+15144240053) instead of Fizz (+14385200092)?

    I also found some user that solved using this configuration

    Make sure your phone is correctly configured for the Short Message Service Center (SMSC).

    The number configured in your phone must be: 1-438-520-0092.

    The process can vary from one phone model to another. Here are two examples:

    Verification on Android: Applications → Touch the Messaging icon → Context Menu (the three points at the top of the screen) → Settings → More Settings → Text Messages 

    Editing on Android: Dial *#*#4636#*#* from your phone keypad → Phone Information → SMSC: Update with +14385200092 


  • elena code xzi4t
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    Hi @Oli_

    I checked and I gave you a similar answer to your previous questions. Sorry

    Did you try the SIM in a different phone?

    Can you try to reset the network settings? This will reset all the information regarding the wifi and bluetooth too. Sometime users configured their phone modifying the network configuration which end up to find a problem.

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    Hello @Oli_,
    I am sorry for the situation you have encountered.
    I have verified your ticket and I can see that our technical team informed us that there are no SMS logs on their end in the last 7 days.
    Contact us back privately so we can further verify this situation if you still encounter the issue.
    Please use the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner of the Solution Hub pages. If you have trouble finding it, click on the following link (with an incognito window ctrl+shift+n), and the chat bubble will appear within 15-20 seconds:
    I hope you have a pleasant day!
    -Mihai, Community Moderator

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