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My partner and I live in Ottawa, but she has a 647 number from when she lived in the GTA. Given Fizz has rolled out to that area, is she able to transfer her number to Fizz? She wants to join but doesn't want to lose the number she has had for years.

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    Hi @romanr27

    Yes you can, you need to buy a SIM and transfer the number.

    Can I suggest opening a new account, and for the activation be sure to use your referral code in this way you will get 25$ at the second payment in both account. Another user transfer the number

    A similar situation

    You can port a Montreal number. I did so just yesterday. I used to be with Fizz but moved outside the subscription area. Yesterday I successfully signed-up again porting my Montreal number from Public Mobile to Fizz. My location is in the beta testing area.


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