Cannot receive calls on Pixel 4.

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I've seen a few posts with people mentioning that cannot receive calls as well, but didn't see a clear resolution.

I have ported my number from Telus to Fizz. Activated SIM card. Followed all the instructions - confirmed APN is accurate. Restarted the phone 400 times. I have data, can text, and can make calls. However, when I get a call - the caller gets a "This person is not available" (not exact verbiage). I chatted with support yesterday and did their song and dance.

I took the SIM from the Pixel 4 and put it in my Pixel 6 - everything worked fine. So I put my Telus (Pixel 6) SIM into the Pixel 4 and again, everything worked fine.

Support told me that my phone is not VoLTE compatible therefore it wont work. Unless someone explains to me technically why that is a thing I fail to believe it.

If I can send calls, I see no reason why I cannot receive them.

I'm giving Support 2 days before I'm cancelling and moving back to Telus


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    Hi @ckyw00t

    I know that the majority of what I'm writing should not apply to you, but if you can I will try to be sure that you cover all the possibility.

    Where did you use the phone? Are you in Canada or in the USA?

    Can you try to disable the 4G and check if you can receive the calls?

    Are you any DND active or any call block?

    At the moment, Fizz didn't certify the Pixel 4

    Can you try to enable the data roaming for a test

    Other users are using the Pixel 4 in Canada

    Did you try to reset the network settings, however, this will erase all the Bluetooth and wifi configuration too

    I believe that the phone has the possibility to boot in safe mode, this will disable all the apps

    If nothing works, and you can do a full reset (you will lose everything) to be 100% that is not a phone configuration

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    Are you receiving calls out of your region of coverage?

    You may be interested by this link:

    On my part, I have a Pixel4a and I don't have any problem receiving calls in Québec, which is my region of coverage.

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    A friend of mine is using Pixel 4 with Fizz without any problems. So what support told you about it being not VoLTE compatibile is a BS (3G is still in place in Canada) and they just wanted to get rid of you.

    I believe @FizzyFizz JQMPM is using Pixel 4 as well.

    @Whizz could you please help here?

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    Hello @ckyw00t,

    Thank you for describing your situation to us.

    Your Pixel 4 should work even if it is not a Fizz VoLTE-certified phone in Canada.  Please verify if you made the following manipulations:

    - You set it on airplane mode on for 10 seconds, then turned it off;

    - You restarted the phone;

    - You tried to get the SIM card out of your phone and inserted it back;

    - You inserted the SIM card on another phone;

    - You are connecting to the normal network while you are in the green coverage area and you have your roaming on while you are in the red coverage area - if you still have issues with this, you can try to connect your phone manually to the Fizz and Fizz EXT (while in the red coverage area) networks to see if will work - here is the link to verify this;

    - You verified the call forwarding option and it is disabled or configured correctly (you can remove it by dialing ##21# or you can see all the steps to configure it here:

    If you made all the above steps and you still can't receive calls, please contact us back via chat so we can further escalate this matter.

    Please use the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner of the Solution Hub pages. If you have trouble finding it, click on the following link (with an incognito window ctrl+shift+n), and the chat bubble will appear within 15-20 seconds:

    I hope you have a pleasant day!

    -Mihai, Community Moderator

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