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Having a group or discussion for improvements or feedback will be detrimental to evolving Fizz in a customer centric focus. Otherwise you’ll implement things based on a price tag, rather the. A customer engagement tag which will cost a lot more in the end.

so with that, as one of the folks in the west coast there needs to ve some geo -coding added to the customer portal.

for example: I am unable to finance devices in my region with fizz (I don’t know why, it’s not like your going to sell the region, you just got it). But I continually see phones I might like with the monthly price and no matter how often I click the 15, it still says “keep waiting buddy”. This is also true of the internet plans, which you’ll likely do what everyone else does and that’s resell someone else.

as well, when I go through my rewards and what I have to do to get the next level, it’s hard to hit that level if some of the tasks are not available in my region (which also tells me you know how to use geo-coding). So it appears now that I won’t be able to finance a device through fizz, nor will I ever surpass my current level.

i have a multitude of suggestions but waiting for the suggestion and ideas chat to be created to put them


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