Are technicians serious about not being able to input the address to activate SIM?

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I bought a Fizz SIM card at PJC in Montrél, and when I came back home to make the activation I wasn't able because from every kind of platform I tried to use of Fizz (mobile, desktop, iPad) was not possible to insert the address. Fix this problem please as I wasted already 15$, totally absurd...


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    Hi rubiaitto Are you using en email address in Quebec? Do you have any specific error? Did you try to start using the postal code?

    Probably your best option is to contact the support

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    When I subscribed to Fizz mobile I had almost the same problem during the activation process. The field wouldn't register the right address. I was using Safari and switch to Chrome and I was able to select the right address on the appropriate form.

    Note: I tried only on my computer and on a Incognito tab on Google Chrome.

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    Try with Microsoft Edge or Explorer, probably it will works

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    Hello rubiaitto,
    I am sorry for the situation encountered,
    In regards to the issue reported, you need to contact our customer support team in private as you will have to provide us with the address that you want to add to the account.
    This kind of information should never be shared on the forum. 
    Please, contact us in private using these steps:Go to this link:
    Click on the green bubble and then on the channel of communication you want to use.
    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a good day!
    -Eugen, Community Moderator 

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