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I subscribed to Fizz a couple of weeks ago and I noticed I've been getting most texts but today at approx 2pm a flood of texts from up to a week ago arrived that I didn't know about.

Looks like there is or was some sort of delayed SMS delivery in certain cases.

Has that happened to anyone else.

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    I am in a Fizz coverage area. Airplane mode isn't activated. Data roaming is on, as I have the US add-on for occasional cross border trips. I was receiving some texts, but not all of them. Calls and data were working normally, just some of my SMS were significantly delayed.


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    Hi are you sure that you are under a coverage area? Can you try to enable the data roaming? Please try to contact the support

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    Maybe your airplane mode was activated. If you try to get text by your self and you get the text right away. Your problem is done

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    Wow, that's a mess with Fizz texts, huh? Noticed something weird a few times myself. Seems like when everyone's online or they update stuff, things get wonky. Some of my texts popped in late too.
    Hang in there, and hopefully, it smooths out soon. It’s a pain but kinda part of the deal with new tech, right?
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    I've been with Fizz for about 9 months now and have had singular SMS texts that have arrived late, but never more than one at once. Hopefully this is a one-time thing for you!
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    Hello selfy2000,
    Thank you for reaching out. 

    I just verified your plan and it is all right commercially, and there is no known issue with the text messages, sent or received. 
    In this situation, since the messages are mostly received, the delay may appear due to multiple reasons, starting from your coverage area and signal, to the sender's coverage and signal, the application you and the sender are using to send the text messages, and so on. 

    If the situation persists, you can take note of the date and time when you received the text messages, and ask your friends when they truly sent the text, and we can forward a ticket to our technical team. Screenshots are always welcomed. 

    You can contact us using this FAQ
    Have a good one!
    -Sergiu, Community Moderator

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