Keep stabilisation period plan or change?

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I have been with Fizz for almost 5 years. As I was with them before, during, and after their stabilization period, so I have a preferential price for my mobile plan. I thought this pricing was guaranteed for life, but I checked my emails (and service agreement) and I think this was a wrong assumption:

You keep your price.

When the stabilization period was announced, you were informed that your plan was going to switch back to its launch price once that period was over. Well, great news! To thank you for your patience and collaboration, the price you are paying now for the mobile plan associated to ######### will finally stay the same.* 

* Should a change occur, you would be notified at least 30 days in advance. 

Fizz is currently offering a plan that would cost me 1.50$ less a month but for double the data (2GB -> 4GB).

So my question: should I change (or not) and why change (or not)?

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    Sure! Change your plan right now! The new price will be guaranteed too and you gonna have much better


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    @Whizz , would love some clarity on the issue.

    1. Do stabilization customers like me get to keep their preferential rate forever (as long as they don’t change their plan)?
    2. Do new customers have a price guarantee, so also keep same price if do not change plan?

    I was chatting with Fizz on the realtime chat and that seems to be the case. All customers keep current pricing as long as they don’t change their plan. Some excerpts of our chat (Ana-Maria):


    the stabilization prices were and are a set of special rates for our members who activated their plan, and until you will make a plan change they will remain the same for the entire duration of your plan with Fizz

    As long as you do not modify the plan or decide to cancel it, you can keep the price for as long as you wish.

    The same policy will apply for them (new customers) as well. If they find a plan they like, as long as a plan change is not made they can keep it indefinitely. The difference between the stabilization period and the current offers is that the options of the plan are offered at lower rates for the stabilization members.

    Any plan you take, you will be able to keep the price and options until your next paln change and that is applicable generally. As I mentioned earlier, the only difference are the rates at which they are offered. For example, at some point your current plan has been offered at 50-60% more than your current one and the price increase for the new subscribers did not affect you.

    The price guarantee for the plan you opted for applies regardless if you are a stabilization member or a new member.

    Yes, that is the case for both your stabilization price, as well as any new plan that you would opt for.

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    Hello @redhead ,

    The price of your plan is indeed kept until you proceed with a plan change, therefore, regardless of your choice, the price change of mobile plans along the way will not affect you.

    As our colleague mentioned during your interaction, the price guarantee for the plan you opted for applies regardless if you are a stabilization member or a new member.

    There are just different opportunities at different points in time. If there is a plan currently available that you like more, go for it. You can also take a look at the plan change policy to find out more about the conditions of a plan change

    Have a good one!

    -Sergiu, Community Moderator.

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