Why do you ship with Planete Courrier?

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I waited here all day because they needed my signature.

The delivery failed because they didn't have my address, nor my phone number, that was specifically asked of me when placing the order, it was essential for me to give a number for the shipping company. The customer service even confirmed that the delivery person didn't have my phone number, but they also didn't call the office for it.

Now I have to go to the middle of nowhere in the West Island to pick-up my phone, or get it maybe Tuesday because they're overbooked Monday, and they don't deliver on weekends.

They have a 2.2 star rating on Google...

2.2. That's not a lot of stars. Companies with 2.2 stars go out of business unless they're they're the only ones in their areas, usually.

Had you shipped with Canada Post, I could go get it from the post office next door.

I am done recommending Fizz to anyone, which I used to do quite often, and I might even change providers. You should really look into doing business with a business that won't harm your business for your logistics needs.


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    Really sorry to hear you have problem with planète courrier, for myself i have alawys get a good service. I agree with you at least we should have the choice to choose

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    Hello abgds8wlf, 
    I am truly sorry to hear about the situation you have encountered with the phone delivery! 

    We are doing our best to ensure that our services are improving every day, and your feedback truly helps us in this regard! 

    Following the verifications from file, the phone appears to be delivered and everything seems to be fine now. 

    If there are other issues, know that you can contact us in private, here: https://fizz.ca/en/support

    Your kind cooperation and understanding in this regard are highly appreciated! 
    Have a lovely evening! 
    -Florin, Community Moderator

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