Anyone else having Issues surfing when abroad ?

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I like Fizz due to the easy to use , share data ( which should be common ) border plans and budget friendliness.

I however have noticed that we have been getting spotting service within Montreal and environs . The quality doesn't seem to be as good as when I was on bell. I got a new phone when I moved to fizz from fizz so I know the Issue isnt the phone. Now, we re currently in Orlando and it always takes 2/3 secs for me to access a website / news or sports website. Plus when I am using my phone as an access point or hotspot the traffic is slow and sluggish.

What I have do to help mitigate the Issues are following - I set my phone to LTE and took it off 5G. This i do when surfing or streaming a video. I also have to restart my phone as simply turning off /on data doesnt do the trick.

Due to your cost, I have no option than to stay with you guys but It would be real nice to see some improvements .

Is anyone experiencing such Issues. I use a Iphone 13 and Samsung F20

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    I've not had this problem, LTE in Montreal is very fast and efficient, same in the south shore and as far north as St Jerome. When abroad it can a bit more spotty, it was mostly ok in the US (I used the Canada+US plan for the month I was there) but when I had the roaming data add-on in the UK the signal was noticeably weaker than here; it was still good enough to get anything I needed done though. It does seem the most likely culprit is the phone, since the problems started at the same time you got it; it might be something as simple as a network misconfiguration. I would try to put the sim in another phone (maybe your older one), and if the problems still persists contact Fizz customer support.


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    Hi @richardojel

    Probably you cannot use the 5G when abroad, I never notice this when I was in the states

    Therefore, my experience was good, however, I have an iPhone

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    Hello richardojel,
    Thank you for reaching out.

    As the other members mentioned there may be multiple reasons why the networks can be somewhat slower or spotty, some of them being the ability of the phone to use 5G in some locations or some misconfiguration with your phone. Feel free to contact our customer service in private; they will gladly look into it with you. You can contact us using the following FAQ

    Have a good one!
    -Sergiu, Community Moderator.

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