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How to switch to Fizz data plan with original phone number? how to do it?
How is the coverage in Vancouver? does move to different area matter?


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    Hi @Rikka

    You can make the portability

    Sorry I don't have the answer for the coverage, however, Fizz is virtual operator and is using other networks and remember that it is in beta test

    You can move outside the Fizz coverage, however, there is a rule that you can not use for more then 3 months a partner network ,

    We reserve the right to interrupt or block access to our network of partner providers if you use your mobile service primarily on their networks for 3 consecutive payment periods.

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    Hello Rikka, 

    If the phone number's area code is from within our subscription area, you should be able to initiate the transfer request during the activation process, once you receive our SIM card. 
    This FAQ sums up the transfer process: 

    As for the coverage, you can check our coverage map here, where as the green area is the subscription area:

    If there's anything else you need clarification about, please, contact us in private. 
    Here you can find us:

    Thank you for your kind understanding! 
    Have a good one! 
    -Florin, Community Moderator 

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    The area code doesn't guarantee you can port your number. Check your numbers origin by going to

    So far only wire centre 604 778 236 area code Vancouver cellular numbers have been able to be ported over.

    604 and 778 area codes that are listed as new Westminster, Richmond, Aldergrove, Coquitlam or Surrey or is listed as a plain old telephone service (landline) have been tested to be not portable (these are considered cities outside of Vancouver for the purposes of porting even though they are part of Metro Vancouver in reality for coverage, fizz needs to fix that)

    The only possible exception to the above scenarios is if you are porting in from freedom, in which case I know of one number that used to be a landline but is now freedom was able to be ported

    Coverage until yesterday has been using Fizz ext on Rogers, although eventually they will turn on freedom mobile towers

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