How to port in a number from Speak Out 7 eleven

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I have a number with speak out that I've been trying to port in.

I've called them and they said that the reason it keeps failing is that there hasn't been a pin included.
(I've triple checked the account number and pin are correct)

I've been doing it through the fizz chat team but it keeps getting refused, none of them have confirmed they used the pin though so i'm not totally sure which end the problem lies

has anyone had a similar experience and found a solution? I have a technical support ticket open now

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    Hi @indigo

    Probably you are from BC, the service there is in beta test probably to solve this kind of problem

    Is your plan still active ?

    Sorry but you should wait the technical support to look on it :(

    edited: I checked their site, and

    it seems to having problem, or it is blocked from Quebec?


  • Whizz
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    Hello indigo,

    We are sorry to hear about this situation. Our customer service is doing their best to help you. I can see that they managed to forward a ticket to our technical team, to proceed with more in-depth verifications and the progress of the ticket is displayed in the Overview section of your Fizz account. As soon as the ticket is resolved, you will receive all the updates via email. 

    Feel free to reach back to us in private if you need more information. 
    Have a good one!
    -Sergiu, Community Moderator. 

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