price discrepancy on the plan when trying to buy a phone

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Hello - similar to a previous closed discussion (and we were told it was solved) today 12 December 2023, I tried to buy a phone and the plan ended up showing as 285/month. So i clicked for help and support but then i lost the chance to buy the phone as it went out of stock in that time. I am pretty frustrated! If this happens again are we just supposed to go ahead as if this monthly plan is not real?

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  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @J_JK

    Did you add the opportunity to take a screenshot to show the support?

    @Whizz I believe that this need your investigation

  • MOG
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    That's another issue over all the others. I also had a price issue after changing my internet.

    In the first my to confirm my changes, the price was good, but in the second mail to remind me that the changes will be soon in place, the price was not the same. I had to open a ticket

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    Hi everyone - so it seems that if i do this again (try to buy a phone), i should agree to the $285 or whatever per month suggested for the plan in order to be able to buy the phone, and then ask for this to be corrected later on.

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