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Hi, the FIZZ technician installed FIZZ but the internet is not functional. I suspect it is because the lights on my modem show 1 blue (not 2). I am referring to the "setting up your WI-FI modem documentation that FIZZ provides. Can anyone provide some help.

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    can you try to unplug the modem

    double check the coaxial cable connection

    plug back the modem and wait 15 minutes

    if this doesn’t helps you should contact the support

    You can chat in direct

    • Sign into your account

    • Follow the link on this page:

    • Wait 3 seconds for the green bubble with a '❔' appears at the bottom right of the browser, if you use a phone you must use it in desktop or horizontal mode

    • Choose the option 💬 chat

    • If the green bubble does not appear make sure your ad blocker is disabled, otherwise try with another browser.

    Or by private message on Facebook:


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    Hello Seralisa,
    I am sorry for the situation encountered,
    I have verified your account and I can see that you have contacted us in regards to the issue with your Internet service. 
    We have informed you that there was an issue in your area and the technicians are working on re-establishing the the connection.
    I kindly advise you to restart the modem from time to time and verify the status of your @ light. If it is lit up and stable green then your connection is back.
    You just need to wait for the technicians to finish their work.

    To restart the modem, you can disconnect the power cable from the back, wait for 30 seconds then plug it back in.

    Here you can see more details:

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a good day!

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