Multiple money upgrades but no slots... ???

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hey everyone!

I have 4x 2$ upgrade for the internet... what's the point of that? Is there a way to have more upgrade slots? Why are they giving those if we can't use them?



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    It sounds like you've earned multiple $2 internet upgrade rewards from Fizz, but you're facing a limitation due to the number of available slots to apply these upgrades. This is a common situation for many Fizz users as they progress through the rewards program. Here's some information that might help clarify things:

    1. Limited Upgrade Slots: Fizz offers a certain number of upgrade slots that you can use to apply rewards like discounts or data bonuses. The number of slots increases as you level up in their rewards program, but they are initially limited.
    2. Accumulating Upgrades: Even though you accumulate multiple upgrades, you can only use as many as you have slots available. This means that if you have more upgrades than slots, you won't be able to use all of them simultaneously.
    3. Strategic Use of Upgrades: Since you have multiple $2 internet upgrades, consider using the ones that suit your needs best. For example, if you have a limited data plan, these upgrades can be valuable.
    4. Leveling Up for More Slots: As you continue using Fizz services and participating in their community, you'll earn points that help you level up. Each new level can potentially unlock additional slots, allowing you to use more of your upgrades.


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