are incoming call charge change?

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I got 2 incoming calls yesterday for a total of 20 mins.
But when I checked my wallet, I was charged for only 0.60$ et 0.40$, instead of 20x0.25 = 5$

Did the cost per call change for those who pay per use ?


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    It sounds like you're seeing charges in your wallet for incoming calls that don't quite match up with what you expected. Here's a possible explanation for what might be happening:

    1. Per Minute Charges: Typically, Fizz charges for calls on a per-minute basis. If you're on a pay-per-use plan, the cost is usually charged per minute of call time.
    2. Rate Changes: Fizz might have updated their rates, but such changes are usually communicated to customers. It's not common for rates to change suddenly without notice.
    3. Billing Mistakes or Adjustments: There could have been a billing error, or Fizz might have made some adjustments to your account. Sometimes, telecom companies apply credits or special discounts that might not be immediately obvious.
    4. Partial Charges: The charges you mentioned (0.60$ and 0.40$) might represent partial billing for some reason. For instance, if a call was less than a full minute, or if there's a minimum charge per call.

    To get a clear picture, I'd recommend checking the following:

    • Recent Notifications or Emails: Look for any recent communications from Fizz about rate changes or special discounts.
    • Detailed Billing: Check your account for a detailed breakdown of the charges. This should give you a clear idea of how the 0.60$ and 0.40$ charges were calculated.
    • Contact Fizz Support: If you're still unsure or if something seems off, the best course of action is to contact Fizz's customer support. They can provide specific details about your account and charges.

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    If you need to contact Fizz customer service, they will create a ticket if the situation warrants it.

    We cannot contact directly to technical support.


    The idea of this page is to explain how you can access the chat bubble. If you do a search in the Solution Hub related to your issue and access the help page the chat bubble will appear at the right corner.



    If the chat bubble does not appear, this means that the number of sessions waiting for our answers surpasses our processing capacity. If that happens, send us a private message via Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

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    Hello curvenut  ,

    I verified your account and I decided to just escalate a ticket to check what our technical team has to say.

    From what I verified I saw that indeed the rates were a bit weird for the incoming calls, so our team will check further what happened.

    We will contact you back via e-mail in the shortest time possible once we receive their feedback.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    You can also track the ticket status via My settings - My tickets, to also have a view on its progress.

    Thank you and have a good one,
    -Raul, Community Moderator

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