Funny answer from whizz about Losing internet

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Good day to every one if you follow my internet problem in last answer from Mr. Raul (whizz) make me laugh😂 he mentions the problem is : you have 14 device connected to modem . First of all 4 of this device are smart plug which use internet 2 time a day for millisecond and second of all most of the time i loose all my internet (Ethernet and Wi-Fi) after mid night which nobody use .third of all i mention with new provider i have no issue at all so in the end fizz should up grade their modem and train their technician. my internet speed was 120 Mbps and now my speed is 100Mgbps with new provider. .p/s i leave the whizz post in bottom. HelloJalal Z. ,

We`re really sorry that you decided to go with another provider 

From what I saw on your account, it looks like the issue could have came also from the fact that you had over 14 ~ devices connected most of the times, but your plan did not support such a high usage.

Hopefully, you might consider our plans in the near future once again, as we will welcome you with open arms.

Just be sure that you return the Fizz modem following the details found here :

Thank you for your understanding.

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    Hello Jalal Z. ,

    Following the checks carried out on the tools, we have found that the traffic was indeed a little high for the connection you had with Fizz. Moreover, even if these are smart devices connected to Wifi, they too can have high data traffic in background.

    As for the parallels with another provider, we don't have the visibility needed to argument or counter-argument their internet performance. We're really sorry to see you leave Fizz, however, as a customer the decision is up to you.

    Should you change your mind, we'll be here for you 24/7.

    Have a nice day,


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