Is there any technician to check the port if choosing self-installation?

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I searched the forum and social media and found many said that if choosing self-installation, there would still be a technician to come home to tune the port or some technical validation.

But today I received the modem, and no technician came to configure the port and validate.

What should I do?

Thanks a lot!


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    you can try installing the modem.

    if the internet works, all is fine and well.

    if any problems, chat with support.

    they'll get a technician to you place if you need one

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    Usually Fizz is doing some pre-checks before sending the modem. In short if your place already has the coaxial cable/outlet, they are not sending a technician. So try to connect your modem to the coaxial cable/outlet (if you have any) and do the set up attached to the box. In case you don't have any coaxial cable/outlet, you should contact customer support to book an appointment with the technician.

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    it seems if you already have cable internet with another provider, fizz will send you the modem thru canada post.

    in this scenario, you can gently unscrew the coaxial cable from the other provider's modem and screw it into the outlet found behind the fizz modem. make sure to remove all the plastic wrap from the fizz modem. once you have plug it in, it can take roughly 15 minutes for updates to apply before it is ready for use.

    if any problems, chat with support.

    once all is working, you can now cancel the internet of your other provider.

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    Plug it to test the line.

    The technician will just test the strength of the signal if you are not already a Vidéotron customer.

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    It seems there might have been a misunderstanding or a change in the process for self-installation with your internet service provider. Here's what you can do in this situation:

    1. Review Fizz Instructions: First, double-check the instructions Fizz provided for self-installation. Fizz aims to make their self-installation process straightforward, so it's possible everything you need is in the instructions they provided.
    2. Set Up the Modem: Go ahead and try setting up the Fizz modem by following the step-by-step guide. Fizz's modems are usually plug-and-play, meaning they're ready to go once you connect them.
    3. Activation Process: Fizz often requires you to activate the service through your Fizz account online. Log into your account and see if there's an activation step you need to complete.
    4. External Work: In some cases, Fizz may have already ensured that the external line to your home is ready for connection, which might not require a technician's visit to your home.
    5. Reach Out to Fizz Support: If you've followed all the steps and your internet isn't working, it's time to contact Fizz. You can reach out to them via chat, Facebook Messenger, or through your Fizz account.
    6. Monitor Your Service: After setting up, your service might not be instantly active. It can sometimes take a few hours for everything to stabilize.

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    Hello skyfly  ,

    From what I see on your Fizz account, you had an auto-installation option, and the modem was delivered by mail.

    I also see that you managed to activate the plan itself, and the service should be up and running.

    When you are offered an auto-installation option - the modem is just delivered and you plug it in your coaxial outlet / cable , activate the plan from your Fizz account and install the modem using these details : or the ones found in your modem`s box.

    That being said, I verified the modem`s signals, and I can see that they are in good standing also, so I`ll close the post.

    If you have other questions, don`t hesitate to reach our customer service on Live chat.

    Thank you and have a good one,
    -Raul, Community Moderator

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