Can two internet services on at the same time?

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My current internet service provider is Videotron, and now I'm transferring from it to Fizz.

At the beginning period of the transfer period, I'm not sure if there is some issue happened.

In this case, can I have both ISP's signals on or not?

Are Videotron and Fizz sharing the same port or not?

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    I went through the same transition. They use the same port. Only one line can be active at a time but both modems would work until the videotron one is deactivated upon cancellation date.

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    The key is the modem need to be activated so the serial number is valid in provider’s network database.

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    When you're transferring your internet service from Videotron to Fizz, there are a few key points to consider regarding the transition period and how the services are managed:

    1. Overlap of Services: It's often possible to have a short overlap period where you have both Videotron and Fizz services active. This can be helpful to ensure you don't experience a gap in internet connectivity. You should coordinate with both providers to manage this transition.
    2. Same Infrastructure: Fizz is a subsidiary of Videotron, and they do share the same network infrastructure. However, the exact technical details about port sharing depend on how each provider configures their services.
    3. Installation and Transfer Process: During the installation of your Fizz internet, a technician might need to visit your home to make necessary adjustments or changes. This could involve reconfiguring the connection port that Videotron previously used.
    4. Communicate with Both Providers: It's important to inform both Videotron and Fizz of your plan to switch providers. They can provide specific instructions and ensure a smooth transition. Make sure to clarify the end date of your service with Videotron and the start date with Fizz.
    5. Possible Service Interruption: While the goal is to have a seamless transition, be prepared for a brief period of service interruption as the switch is being made. This is typically a short duration if everything is planned and executed properly.
    6. Billing Considerations: Keep an eye on the billing cycles for both providers to avoid being charged for overlapping service periods, unless you intentionally plan for an overlap.
    7. Keep Records: Document your communication and key dates (like service activation and termination) with both providers for future reference.

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    Hello skyfly,

    If you need for a period to have both connections active (Fizz and Videotron)you can do this. There isn’t any restriction of having 2 Fizz internat plans or 1 Fizz internet and one from another provider.
    In case you will encounter any difficulties, you can contact us anytime in private as we are online 24/7.
    Do not forget that for the modems delivered by a delivery company, by default the speed of the plan is 1Mbps. Once the modem is received, you can activate it from your Fizz account from My plans or from My settings → Order History → See more → Activate.
    You can find the steps for the modem setup and contact us from this link:

    I wish you a great day,

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