How to have the purchased phone be delivered successfully?

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When purchasing the notice said that the recipient needs to show the identity to the delivery person before receiving the purchased phone. It seems safe.

However, I also saw that someone complained about the delivery item being lost as he's living in an apartment and the delivery person just left the parcel before the mailbox of the apartment.

Is this true that the delivery person will not verify the recipient's ID and just leave the parcel in the apartment?

If this is true, is there any way to prevent such a thing from happening and have this parcel be delivered safely?

Thanks a lot!


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    Hi @skyfly

    This can happen, I read a user that a delivery company (it was a major one like purolator/dhl or similar) the phone was delivered to a different house. And the company confirmed and reimbursed it.

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    I'm using a 25 Off perk. So in this case, if the it's lost or delivered to another place and is reimbursed, will I still be able to use this 25 Off perk?

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    This is a good question, depends on the Fizz declared value

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    Your concern about the security of parcel delivery, especially for valuable items like a phone, is entirely valid. Here’s some advice and steps you can take to ensure a safe delivery:

    1. Delivery Policy: Usually, for high-value items like phones, most companies and their delivery partners have a policy to verify the recipient's identity before handing over the parcel. This is to prevent theft and ensure the item reaches the correct person.
    2. Mismatch in Practice: However, there can sometimes be a gap between the stated policy and what happens in practice. Delivery personnel, especially in busy periods or high-density areas like apartment complexes, might sometimes leave parcels in common areas if they're unable to reach the recipient.
    3. Direct Communication with the Delivery Service: If you receive a tracking number and know which courier service is delivering your phone, contact them directly. You can request that the package only be delivered in person and that ID verification be strictly followed.
    4. Alternative Delivery Options:
      • Pick-Up Points: If available, choose to have your package delivered to a secure pick-up point where you can collect it at your convenience.
      • Delivery Instructions: Provide specific instructions for delivery, like not leaving the package unattended or in a common area.
    5. Contact Fizz for Clarification: Reach out to Fizz and express your concerns. Ask them to confirm the delivery process and whether they can provide additional assurances or alternative delivery arrangements.
    6. Availability During Delivery: If possible, try to be available at the expected delivery time. You can often track the delivery status online to get a better idea of when it will arrive.
    7. Delivery to a Secure Location: If you have an alternative address where someone can receive the package on your behalf (like a workplace), consider using that for your delivery.
    8. Feedback from Community: Engaging with the Fizz community, as you've done, is a good way to gather experiences from other customers. This can provide a clearer picture of the delivery process and any potential issues to be aware of.

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    I think a lot of it depends on the courier company. My personal experience with 2 separate deliveries of the modem and phone with the same courier this month:

    1. modem: i didn’t provide buzz code so they marked first attempt as failed so I arranged to pick it up at their location next day.
    2. Phone: provided buzz code this time. Delivery person called and came up to my unit to deliver the phone. Signature was required.
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    I’m also interested in knowing if the 25 perk can be reused in case of lost/return situations.

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    I just had to sign for it. No ID was requested. I guess it depends on the delivery service/person.

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    Hello skyfly,

    Thank you for opening this thread.
    For all phone orders the currier shouldn’t drop the phone and leave without your signature. In case he can’t find you at home, you can contact them and either set a new delivery attempt from your account or visit them at their location to collect the package.
    For the SIMs delivery they will leave the package near do the door/ mail box if they can’t find you.
    As the concern related to the 25% off lost in case you don’t receive the phone, do not worry about this. I am sure the changes to not receive the phone is one on a million, however in case it will happen, you can contact us anytime in private and we will resolve this without financial impact on your end.
    I will close the thread now however you can contact us from this link in case you have other questions: . We are online 24/7.

    I am counting on your understanding and I wish you a great day,

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